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I am working with Feeding God’s People to get them a logo. Thanks for the opportunity Tammy! I am glad you guys are liking it so far!!!


All your printing needs!

With UPrinting you can get high quality prints done at amazing prices. They can print anything from your average business card to canvas prints they have it all! I love this website and work with them myself. So head on over to UPrinting and check them out!!

Program ideas help!

Heu guys, I am looking for ideas on what my new program should be! Please post your ideas in the comments. Whoevers idea I like and decide to use will get a FREE copy of the program that will be sold. You can help me out and get that program you have always wanted!


I Designed A Program!

Thats right I developed a program called IRecord! With it you can take screenshots and save them as w/e format you like! If you want the program post that you do in the comments and I will give you the link! Be a tester today!

Cool Social Media Icons!

We all at one point need some nice social media icons for our websites, blog, etc. Here is a pack of all the ones you will need!

You can download the ZIP file with the icons by clicking the button below…

That’s all for now,


Cool Abstract Vibrant Vector Design!

Here is a cool design that you can incorporate into your designs or use as a wallpaper. This is my way of saying thanks for reading my blog!


How to even skin without blurring it!

Ever wondered how top designers get that picture perfect skin without making it blurry? Here’s how!

Open up your image you can use mine by clicking on it to download it.

Now duplicate the layer (CTRL + J)  and set the duplicate layer to “vivid light”.

Now we will invert the layer by pressing CTRL+I and then apply a Gaussian blur and adjust it until you can see the pores in the face like below.

Now go to Filters>Other>High Pass and move the slider until you are happy with the skins smoothing (DO NOT pay attention to the blurriness of the eyes and mouth etc, we will fix it later.)

We are almost done, now apply a mask to the layer and with a soft black brush go over the eyes, mouth, hair, and background to get rid of the distortion. Now you are done! Feel free to tweak with the settings to get it just how you like. Now you have nice clean soft skin but did not lose the texture of the skin. Enjoy


How to create an intense car chase scene!

In recognition of the release of Fast Five to theaters I am sharing a tutorial on how to create an intense car chase scene! You guys should all give it a try and share it below! Check it out!

So give it a try and SUBSCRIBE! and don’t forget to go see FAST FIVE!!!

Create a Liquid Glass Effect!

I found this tutorial on one of my favorite site and wanted to share it with you all. I am going to give this tutorial a try and you guys should too.

You can find the link to the tutorial here. Stay tuned and don’t forget to post your attempt at it below!

Free Easter wallpaper!

Here is a free easter wallpaper that I found that I wanted to share with you all! Feel free to use it but give a big thanks to the the source I found it from! you can find them here. And also, post your favorite Easter pics in the comments so others can check them out!