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Cool Social Media Icons!

We all at one point need some nice social media icons for our websites, blog, etc. Here is a pack of all the ones you will need!

You can download the ZIP file with the icons by clicking the button below…

That’s all for now,



Cool Abstract Vibrant Vector Design!

Here is a cool design that you can incorporate into your designs or use as a wallpaper. This is my way of saying thanks for reading my blog!


Free Easter wallpaper!

Here is a free easter wallpaper that I found that I wanted to share with you all! Feel free to use it but give a big thanks to the the source I found it from! you can find them here. And also, post your favorite Easter pics in the comments so others can check them out!

Free Easter Photoshop Brushes!

Thanks to the people over at Photoshop Free Brushes you can get a pack of 24 awesome easter brushes for Photoshop! They make some pretty cool brushes and I recommend them to any of the designers out there looking for some neat brushes.

So this is my Easter gift to you! Enjoy and Happy Easter!

You can download the brushes here…