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How to even skin without blurring it!

Ever wondered how top designers get that picture perfect skin without making it blurry? Here’s how!

Open up your image you can use mine by clicking on it to download it.

Now duplicate the layer (CTRL + J)  and set the duplicate layer to “vivid light”.

Now we will invert the layer by pressing CTRL+I and then apply a Gaussian blur and adjust it until you can see the pores in the face like below.

Now go to Filters>Other>High Pass and move the slider until you are happy with the skins smoothing (DO NOT pay attention to the blurriness of the eyes and mouth etc, we will fix it later.)

We are almost done, now apply a mask to the layer and with a soft black brush go over the eyes, mouth, hair, and background to get rid of the distortion. Now you are done! Feel free to tweak with the settings to get it just how you like. Now you have nice clean soft skin but did not lose the texture of the skin. Enjoy



How to create an intense car chase scene!

In recognition of the release of Fast Five to theaters I am sharing a tutorial on how to create an intense car chase scene! You guys should all give it a try and share it below! Check it out!

So give it a try and SUBSCRIBE! and don’t forget to go see FAST FIVE!!!

Create a Liquid Glass Effect!

I found this tutorial on one of my favorite site and wanted to share it with you all. I am going to give this tutorial a try and you guys should too.

You can find the link to the tutorial here. Stay tuned and don’t forget to post your attempt at it below!

How to make a photo-realistic apple

I was browsing the web today and came across a tutorial on how to make a realistic apple. I decided to give it a shot and ended up with this…

I decided to give you all a link to this tutorial so you could try it out for yourself! You can find this tutorial here. Don’t forget to post a picture of your finished product in the comments below.


How to make Summer Grass Text!

This is how to make a summer grass text that all your friends will love!

First we will need to get a nice picture of some grass. You can find your own or use mine here.

Now we want to add the butterfly. You can get it here. Copy it onto the canvas and the press CMD/CTRL + T to reduce it’s size.

To enhance the butterfly use the sharpen tool over the butterfly a little bit to brighten it up.

Now apply Drop Shadow and Outer Glow layer styles to this layer.

Now we will type our text. You can put whatever you want but for this tutorial I am going to put “Sunny”. I used Arial Black font and a size of 125pt.

Change the font fill to 0% and then apply the following layer styles…

Press ok and now your image should look like this…

And now your done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and stay tuned for many, many more.