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All your printing needs!

With UPrinting you can get high quality prints done at amazing prices. They can print anything from your average business card to canvas prints they have it all! I love this website and work with them myself. So head on over to UPrinting and check them out!!


Program ideas help!

Heu guys, I am looking for ideas on what my new program should be! Please post your ideas in the comments. Whoevers idea I like and decide to use will get a FREE copy of the program that will be sold. You can help me out and get that program you have always wanted!


I Designed A Program!

Thats right I developed a program called IRecord! With it you can take screenshots and save them as w/e format you like! If you want the program post that you do in the comments and I will give you the link! Be a tester today!

New designz coming soon

I am working on a fresh batch of new and cool designs. I will be posting them on my blog soon, as well as some tutorials. Stay tuned and subscribe to be the first to know.


My new website

I have been working long hours to get my website up. I want to make sure it looks cool and appeals to everyone. I think you guys are going to like it. Here is a screenshot of what it is looking like so far, but remember it is not even close to being done.